Watermark Press: The Top Dog Marks its Turf

watermark press 1San Francisco’s historic Dogwatch neighborhood covers nine square blocks east of Potrero Hill. Since 1989 Watermark Press has called the area home producing superior commercial printing for discriminating corporate and design clientele. Dogpatch and Watermark are well suited to one another: capable, tenacious, and uncompromising. Within the crowded printing market space, Watermark is committed to quality. Determined to get the word out that the company truly is top dog, they asked us help set their brand apart from competitors. What they needed was a refreshed brand and engaging marketing tools to connect (and reconnect) with the prospective audience. To create new energy and momentum for the sales force, our staff developed a branded marketing campaign centered on the theme, "We've Marked our Territory." Following an exhaustive casting call, Mugsy Heffernan was recruited as spokes dog. Mugsy's owner, Ryan Heffernan, is a Dogpatch resident and world-class photographer. And as you’ll see, they both did an excellent job. Check out the campaign that's got the neighborhood howling. And if you’re looking for an exceptional printing resource, call the top dog. watermark press 2watermark press 3watermark press 4watermark press 5watermark press 7watermark press 8watermark press 9watermark press 10watermark press 11watermark press 12watermark press 13

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