Just for Fun: Last Men Standing

Just for Fun: Last Men Standing In 1979, Communication Arts featured an article on a dynamic creative scene blossoming in Palo Alto, California. It was a small enclave of boutique advertising and design firms, illustrators, photographers, public relations companies, and writers who were riding the wave of Silicon Valley innovation. Read More >

Just for Fun: A-Z Logos

Just for Fun: A-Z Logos Here at Michael Patrick Partners we’re a well oiled brand development machine. When we work on new brands for clients, we crank out tons of great ideas that never get used. So what happens with all the logos that don’t make the cut? Magnets that’s what! They’re great for inspiration and displaying new work for critiques. Have a look. Read More >

Just for Fun: Our Holiday Gif to You

Just for Fun: Our Holiday Gif to You All of us here at Michael Patrick Partners want to express warm holiday wishes! This year we decided to end 2013 and start the new year with a fun holiday card showcasing our diverse, fun loving, talented, dedicated and animated team. Happy holidays here’s our "gif" to you! Read More >

Just for Fun: Changing the Game

Monopoly's original pieces After 78 years since its debut, Monopoly has decided it was time to make a change. Hasbro, the makers of the classic board game, used Monopoly's Facebook fan page and asked fans to vote for their favorite piece. After a month, the piece with the least votes was eliminated. Read More >

Just for Fun: Naughty or Nice?

Santa made his list and checked it twice, now its your turn to see if your favorite Michael Patrick Partners employee is on the naughty or nice list. Happy Holidays from all of us at Michael Patrick Partners. Read More >

End of the World Sale

All brand identity programs 50% off. One day only. December 21. No checks. Michael Patrick Partners. Palo Alto, Portland, San Antonio, and Scottsdale. Read More >

Just for Fun: We’re on Instagram

Michael Patrick Partners has joined Instagram. Our username is michaelpatrickpartners. Pretty simple, right? Check out some of our photos below to get a sample of what you’ll see.
Read More >

Just for Fun: Drink like your Grandparents

On a recent outing, the Portland office tracked down a can of Churchkey beer. From the 1930s through the 1970s all canned beer came in flat-top cans. Opening the beer required a can-opener, which was commonly referred to as “Church Key” back in the day. (See what they did there?) In the 1960s the now standard pop-tab can was introduced to the marketplace, allowing the consumer to open their beverage with their finger tips instead of relying on a tool.

So you may be asking “Why would Churchkey bother resurrecting a dated low-tech method of canning?” Well Churchkey is not just selling a beer, they are selling you an experience, and they are doing a fine job of it.
From the low key coloring of the can to the finely crafted hand-lettered style logo, Churchkey is giving you a chance to step back in time, and enjoy a beer like your grandparents may have after a hard day’s work. Check out some of the nifty details on the can.

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Xercise Lab® Grand Opening!

Xercise Lab Grand Opening Poster It's with great pleasure that we invite you to the Grand Opening of Xercise Lab! Xercise Lab is a brand new fitness company, offering highly intensive pre-choreographed fitness programs for men, women and children. Join us Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd as they celebrate the opening of the flagship Xercise Lab location in Palo Alto. It's been a pleasure to work with Jenny and her team to launch the new Xercise Lab brand. Hope to see you there. Read More >

Join us for the 28th Annual Randy Cross Invitational Golf Tournament

2012 28th Annual Randy Cross Invitational Golf Tournament Logo We are pleased to support the 28th annual Randy Cross Invitational Gold Tournament benefitting the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. This marks our 20th year of support for this worthy cause. We hope you will join us for a beautiful afternoon of golf and evening festivities. For more information, contact the Ronald McDonald House at 650.470.6000 or www.ronaldhouse.net. Read More >

Celebrating 30 Years: Michael Patrick Partners Knows How to Party

los locos unos After 30 continuous years of business, we decided it was time to give ourselves a break. What better time than Cinco De Mayo to celebrate our tricennial anniversary? The entire staff from the Portland office headed down to Palo Alto on May 5 to party with their fellow co-workers like monkeys on a banana barge. If you can’t tell by the pictures, we had an absolute blast. Read More >
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