New Work: Swift Navigation

New Work: Swift Navigation This San Francisco-based company came to us in need of a brand as sophisticated and dependable as its centimeter-accurate GPS technology. Read More >

New Work: Menlo Gateway

New Work: Menlo Gateway Menlo Gateway is a commercial real estate development by our client Bohannon Companies. It's along the east side of Highway 101 at Marsh Road in Menlo Park, CA. Read More >

New Work: 2014 JMP Annual Report

New Work: 2014 JMP Annual Report Get a glimpse of the annual report we wrote and designed for JMP Group, below. JMP Group is a diversified financial services company—based on San Francisco, and with offices around the country—with multiple lines of business and three principal operating subsidiaries. Read More >

New Work: Scott Wealth Management Group Brand Refresh

New Work: Scott Wealth Management Group Brand Refresh Wells Fargo Advisors is one of the nation's premier financial services firms, serving clients nationwide through more than 15,000 financial advisors. One of most respected regional advisement firms, Scott Wealth Management Group, came to us with a request to refresh their brand but at the same time, work within the confinement of the Wells Fargo brand guidelines. Read More >

New Work: Ladera Oaks

New Work: Ladera Oaks Northern California families have myriad choices for equestrian, golf, swim and tennis clubs. But only a handful meet the criteria as exclusive private venues. As a result, marketing management must continue to stay in step with the needs of discriminating consumers and communicate those attributes to attract desirable clientel. Read More >

New Work: 2014 Ross Stores Annual Report

New Work: 2014 Ross Stores Annual Report With $11 billion in total sales, Ross Stores has evolved into the premier off-price apparel and home fashion chain in the U.S. Michael Patrick Partners is pleased to announce we were selected to design the 2014 annual report. Read More >

New Work: Host Analytics Brand Refresh

New Work: Host Analytics Brand Refresh CFOs suffer from an undeserved reputation as boring one-dimensional bean counters. Stuffed shirts with no street cred. That is so wrong. Now, with our help, Host Analytics is changing the perception for how CFOs help move organizations to the new level. Read More >

New Work: Menlo Park Chamber Brand Refresh

New Work: Menlo Park Chamber Brand Refresh Menlo Park is an affluent city in the San Francisco Bay Area situated next to Palo Alto and Stanford. It's also home to the worlds leading venture capital community and is one of the most educated cities in the United States. Read More >

New Work: Fortex Brand Refresh

New Work: Fortex Brand Refresh Broker dealers, banks, hedge funds, investors, market makers, money managers, and traders around the world rely on Fortex to accelerate trade execution and support sophisticated trading strategies. Read More >

New Work: Updated Website Design for the Brenner Group

New Work: Updated Website Design for the Brenner Group We just launched a new digital branding project for The Brenner Group—a Silicon Valley firm that offers a complete suite of services for shareholders and investors who need professional assistance and representation. Read More >

New Work: Gunderson Dettmer IPO Brochure

New Work: Gunderson Dettmer IPO Brochure Gunderson Dettmer is the nation’s leading business law firm for entrepreneurs. They discovered some interesting findings when they analyzed 71 venture-backed companies in 2013. We were hired to help them better communicate the data and design their findings in a clean and modern brochure using elegant infographics and charts. Read More >

New Work: Rebuilding Together Peninsula Banners

New Work: Rebuilding Together Peninsula Banners Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day unites the largest nationwide group of volunteers from all walks of life to rehabilitate homes and community facilities and revitalize communities all over the United States. Read More >

New Work: RangeAds Brand Development

New Work: RangeAds Brand Development Here’s one of our brand development startup clients. RangeAds is a cost-effective advertising tactic to connect with desired golf-aligned demographic profiles. The company delivers a high-quality brand recall opportunity using a unique highly targeted medium. With RangeAds, a message becomes part of a golfer’s practice routine. RangeAds came to us for end-to-end brand development—brand strategy, messaging, and writing. We also completed all visual identity components including the logo, sales collateral, and website design. The brand looked like a Fortune 2000 company out of the gate. Read More >

New Work: Santé Nuts Website

New Work: Santé Nuts Website Companies come to Michael Patrick Partners when it’s time to move to the next level. Santé Nuts had just completed deals with American Airlines and Whole Foods and needed to quickly improve the brand’s look and messaging system. It was also time to establish an e-commerce capability. The company produces all natural, gluten-free, Kosher, made by hand nuts. Sold by gourmet retailers, Santé needed a branded look that matched the high-quality food brands consumers were trying, buying, and loving. Read More >

New Work: Cyan Website

New Work: Cyan Website Introducing the new Cyan website. Cyan enables network transformation by providing innovative software-defined networks (SDN) and packet optical hardware solutions. Cyan’s solutions are open and work with third-party hardware, making it easy for customers to quickly simplify and transform their networks with what they currently have. Read More >

New Work: ZoomCaffe

New Work: ZoomCaffe How do you combine great coffee with greater convenience? Start with fresh, locally roasted, artisan coffees, then put that gourmet café experience on wheels. Add expert caristas who sweat out the details, and bring the coffees to you at a convenient location in your neighborhood. This is ZoomCaffe approach to enjoying great coffee. Read More >

New Work: Michael Patrick Partners Website Refresh

New Work: Michael Patrick Partners Website Refresh We are pleased to announce our new website look and feel. We've incorporated responsive design as a feature allowing it to be viewed on any platform. Take some time to check out the fresh design and simple navigation. Read More >

New Work: Top Tier Capital Partners

TTCP homepage Top Tier Capital Partners came to us with a very dated website that didn't match their position as an industry thought leader. They needed a dynamic redesign that would emphasize their experience, industry longevity, and communicate their reputation as a trusted financial advisor. Enter Michael Patrick Partners. Read More >

New Work: Gigamon Tradeshow Graphics and Messaging

We worked with Gigamon to showcase their latest products at the Interop Conference and Expo. Gigamon provides networking solutions to improve visibility, scalability, and control across networks. They provide tools for enterprises, data centers, and service providers to better manage physical and virtual traffic across networks, while reducing cost and complexity. Read More >

New Work: Murray Aronson Website

Introducing the new Murray Aronson website. Murray Aronson provides real estate services for small to mid-sized companies; they specialize in representing and consulting tenants. Read More >

New Work: Dreams Happen Banners

Rebuilding Together Peninsula Dreams Happen Banners
If you find yourself driving down El Camino Real, Sand Hill Road, or Alameda De Las Pulgas in Menlo Park, look up and you'll notice the new banner campaign we just designed for Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). RTP's one-of-a-kind fundraising event known as, Dreams Happen has returned to Stanford Shopping Center Saturday June 1st. The event is hosted by Stanford Shopping Center and pairs local architects with builders to create unique, elaborately designed life-sized children’s playhouses. Playhouses are auctioned at the Dreams Happen Gala where guests enjoy a moonlight gala, supper and dance the night away under the stars. All proceeds benefit RTP's mission to rehabilitating the homes and community facilities of neighbors in need from Sunnyvale to Daly City. So stop by Stanford Shopping Center and don't forget to look up when you're driving in Menlo Park... but be sure to watch the road too! Read More >

New Work: 2012 CAI International Annual Report

Check out the new annual report design we did for CAI International, one of the world's leading freight container companies. This was the fourth year we were asked to design their annual report. For 2012, they needed a report that would expand on the concept of growth from the previous year and highlight the potential growth for the future. Read More >

New Work: Rignite

Rignite Logo Introducing the first platform that enables customers to become truly social enterprises. With Rignite, customers can integrate social media inputs with email campaigns, customer registration activities, loyalty offers, coupon delivery, and other marketing activities. Michael Patrick Partners was responsible for connecting Rignite to the world by developing a brand personality that included a logo and website. Check them out at

Read More >

New Work: Xercise Lab, Xtreme Clean

Recently Xercise Lab launched its own line of face, body, and hair products called Xtreme Clean. The line includes Refresh, Unlathered, Wash, Scrub, and Kid's Wash. Read More >

New Work: Palo Alto Foods

Palo Alto Foods delivery truck Why did the chicken cross the road? To go around town, show off its newly designed truck, and make some deliveries, that's why. It's always exciting to see brands we helped develop use the applications we've designed for them. Here is Palo Alto Foods sporting the new look we created for them. Pretty sweet, huh? Read More >

New Work: Rebuilding Together to build a beautiful new website

Rebuilding Together Peninsula Home Page
We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest new website design for our friends at Rebuilding Together Peninsula. For more than 30 years, Rebuilding Together Peninsula has provided extensive home rehabilitation and modification services to low-income homeowners and nonprofits. The organization came to use with the need to strengthen its online communication strategy, messaging, and design. We were happy to develop a new website that’s as dynamic as the people who steward the company. Please visit them at
Read More >

New Work: Great from the Start

Great From the Start Book
We're pleased to announce that we've just completed a book design for our friend and colleague, John Montgomery. His book, Great from the Start is not only a primer about how to start a great company but also a reference that provides a variety of expert voices about how to build successful companies that attract success. Be sure to catch Chapter 16, "The Authentic Brand' and learn how Michael Patrick Partners can help you develop a formidable brand for your next start-up. Read More >

New Work: Granite Unveils its New Brand

Granite is one of the nation's largest heavy civil contractors and construction materials producers—best known for providing transportation infrastructure projects including roads, highways, tunnels, bridges, mass transit facilities, and airports. Unfortunately somewhere along the way the Granite brand had lost its way. Having worked with Michael Patrick Partners for many years we were the perfect fit to get the brand back on the road. The brand development program included the design of a new brand identity, brand identity guidelines, fleet vehicle identification system, annual reports, corporate apparel, and website. Read More >

New Work: Xercise Lab Gets its Brand in Shape Before the Holidays

Xercise Lab Logo
Here’s another market innovation. Stressed working adults don’t take time to exercise and schools are cutting gym programs. The Xercise Lab provides original pre-choreographed group fitness programming for adults and children through more intense workouts within shorter timeframes than typical group fitness programs. And since workouts use body resistance training techniques, no equipment is required. We were hired to develop the brand and rollout the franchise model. Our work included the messaging, logo, advertising, apparel, franchise guidelines, and website. Check them out at
Read More >

New Work: The Tidemark Brand Blasts Off

Tidemark Logo
Tidemark will revolutionize the business analytics marketplace through cloud-based, community-managed, next-generation analytic applications that become smarter through the power of the network. Working in partnership with Fortune 1000 companies, the result will be actionable, predictive, collaborative applications. The company has raised $6.3 million in financing from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Dave Duffield (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Workday and Founder and former Chairman of PeopleSoft). Our office, in partnership with The Russell Mark Group, developed the new name and the entire branded environment. Check them out at
Read More >

New Work: The BillFloat Brand Takes Flight

BillFloat Logo
The new economy has ushered in a wave of online business innovations that our firm is helping to bring to market. Today, a growing number of people find that unexpected expenses, or work losses, make it difficult to pay bills on time. San Francisco based BillFloat pays creditors directly, and then customers repay BillFloat through an automatic deduction from their bank account or debit card. BillFloat asked us to build its brand from the ground up including the brand platform and messaging, logo, company identity system, exhibit graphics, and website. This new consumer friendly brand refresh was just the lift they needed to make a splash in the marketplace. Check them out at
Read More >

New Work: FreebeePay

freebeePay Logo
Introducing a brand new mobile coupon/loyalty/payment environment designed to help consumers save money, earn discounts/coupons, share discounts through social networks, donate to nonprofits, and pay for products and services at participating retailers. What the company needed to introduce the app was an innovative brand personality. Gee, what design firm do you think they select for the assignment? The success of the branded environment hinged on connecting with the female target audience. Examine this fun and highly successful strategic brand development program that has the industry buzzing! Check them out at
Read More >

New Work: 2010 Allergan Annual Report

Allergan 2010 AR Cover
Our annual report experience has included designing financial stories for some of the world’s most successful biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical companies. With close to $5 billion in revenue, Allergan is the latest entry to our client list. In 2010 we were asked to design an annual report to celebrate their 60th year anniversary and visually portray their specialty product portfolios. The result is a report that presents a clear and compelling message to shareholders and analysts. A powerful story explaining the company’s medical advances and pride in supporting the patients who rely on Allergan products.
Read More >

Watermark Press: The Top Dog Marks its Turf

watermark press 1San Francisco’s historic Dogwatch neighborhood covers nine square blocks east of Potrero Hill. Since 1989 Watermark Press has called the area home producing superior commercial printing for discriminating corporate and design clientele. Dogpatch and Watermark are well suited to one another: capable, tenacious, and uncompromising. Read More >

Bling Nation: Tap-to-Pay in Palo Alto

bling nation shirt Bling Nation is about to roll out their new "tap-to-pay" payment system in Palo Alto this week and Michael Patrick Partners was selected to work with them on a variety of new launch materials. The brand program materials include everything from the POS device and merchant kits to "Bling Wear." We thought you'd enjoy seeing the many new ways that Bling and Michael Patrick Partners have extended their brand...enjoy the show! Read More >

Easter Seals Oregon: Stewarding a National Brand

Easter Seals Oregon Annual ReportFor more than twenty years Michael Patrick Partners has befriended community organizations that make a real difference in the lives of people they serve. To those organizations we offer our professional expertise and a commitment to help spread their word. Two years ago our Portland office offered its services to Easter Seals Oregon. We knew we could help steward the national communications strategy at the local level. Read More >

TastingRoom: Bring the Experience Home

tastingroomSome days in the design biz are definitely better than others. We had the good fortune to work with our friends at TastingRoom to help them develop their new brand. The concept is truly revolutionary—a tasting room delivered right to your door, followed by the opportunity to buy the wines you’ve tasted at a really great price. Of course I offered to beta test the program. What fun when I received my first batch of 6 – 2oz mini bottles of Pinot Noir from one of my favorite wineries, De Loach Vineyards. Read More >

Hot Off The Griddle: Our Web Site

MPP WebsiteTo celebrate thirty years in business we’ve refreshed our identity and Web site. It was two years in the making. Hey, we’re busy. Give us a break. Clients come first. Read More >
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