This Is A Wicked Set of Annual Reports


In its heyday, PacSun was a dominant player in the action-sports and fashion influences portraying the California lifestyle. The company sold a combination of surf- and skate-branded casual apparel, accessories, and footwear designed to appeal to teens and young adults.


Build brand value among investors by creating annual reports that captured the youthful and optimistic spirit of the national surf- and skate-wear retailer. Weave a story of kids catching waves from Omaha to Santa Cruz.


For six years, we created the evolving financial story of this market-leading specialty retailer that had grown from one shop in coastal California to nearly 740 retail locations across the nation. We helped the CEO and investor relations team explain how each year’s business decisions and cultural trends contributed to PacSun’s sales and earnings growth. Through the years, our work won multiple AR100 awards from The Black Book—the pinnacle international annual report design award. One annual report was even featured in a McGraw Hill postgraduate accounting textbook as an example of superior financial reporting.

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