Press Release | Sep 15, 2020

Michael Patrick Partners Completes Website Design for Descartes Labs

San Francisco creative agency launches online brand to showcase geospatial technology 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Michael Patrick Partners, a nationally recognized creative agency, announced today it has designed and launched a new website for Descartes Labs. 

Descartes Labs, a geospatial analysis data company based in New Mexico, provides tracking and monitoring tools. Through remote sensing, large-scale computing, and artificial intelligence, it can deliver insights to geospatial analytics questions that empower commerce and global leaders to make informed, timely decisions. Imagery obtained from sensors, including from those of NASA and European Space Agency satellites, contributes to the discovery.

Now celebrating its fortieth anniversary, Michael Patrick Partners has been sought out by organizations to build online brands that humanize technology and data—to help translate innovative breakthroughs into big-picture, relevant application narratives. Descartes Labs is a recent advocate.

The San Francisco-based creative agency has consistently provided engaging brand communications strategies that have led to a distinctive market presence for organizations spanning Main Street to Wall Street. Best known for developing the E*TRADE identity, the agency works with consumer and technology clients across the nation.

Dan O’Brien, agency cofounder, states, “A countless number of companies try to get our attention—start-ups and mature organizations—Descartes Labs has an explicit brand purpose. It possesses the ability to partner with complementary innovators to make a positive global impact. We’re proud to help extend its reach.”

To put the Descartes Labs technology into perspective, it can track specific activity types—for example, one capability is to observe aggregated activity on a per-location basis at airports, industrial parks, malls, restaurants, and so forth. 

Sam Burks, agency designer, stated, “We’ve built a lot of websites through the years. In this case, the Descartes visual assets—such as the satellite imagery—were simply extraordinary. There was a lot to show, combined with relevant, application-based telling.”

O’Brien continued, “We also appreciated help from Rainmaker Communications, who provided writing and strategic communications counsel. Both of our companies were charged with communicating the technology’s endless potential.” 

The industries that benefit from the Descartes Labs solutions include agriculture (predictions related to crop health), oil and gas (the ability to monitor and respond to changes in the exploration and production life cycle), power and renewables (real-time wildfire alerts), shipping and logistics (tracking and optimizing transportation), plus financial services and insurance. There’s no limit to the applications.

In the area of website design, the agency has launched sites for AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, E*TRADE, Suzie’s Hard Seltzer, University of Portland, and many others. Visit to see the work.

About Michael Patrick Partners
Michael Patrick Partners is a San Francisco creative agency best known for developing the E*TRADE identity. Its expertise includes brand development, brand communications strategy, and design, plus digital and traditional marketing campaigns applied to differentiate a market presence at any stage of an organization’s life cycle. The body of work spans banking to beer, education to energy, hard seltzer to health care, and technology to transportation—engaging work that has received 500+ awards from the nation's most coveted competitions. Visit to learn more about the agency.

About Descartes Labs
Descartes Labs is a software and analytics company that enables organizations to understand their relationship with the physical world and use actionable insights to create positive change. It provides a unified modeling platform for spatial, market, sensor, and customer data that generates scientifically validated analytics at a global scale. Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Descartes Labs has offices across the United States serving customers globally. Visit for more information.

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