Press Release | Dec 11, 2019

Michael Patrick Partners Develops Engaging Market Presence for Suzie’s Organics

New innovative organic foods packaging

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Michael Patrick Partners, a nationally recognized creative agency, announced today it has designed a family of innovative food packaging for Suzie’s Organics, marketed by Barhyte Specialty Foods of Pendleton, Oregon. The brand identity and designs were completed for a line of 14 organically produced condiments and sauces that will compete as healthy alternatives to national brands.

In a trend to take more responsibility for their health, consumers are searching for organic food products. This movement, to use food to manage health, is driving heightened interest in Suzie’s Organics. The company produces organic, gluten-free, back-to-basics kitchen staples sourced in the USA and produced using a wind-power manufacturing source.

As the company tagline says, its products are: Simply made. Simply good.

Due to its popularity, Suzie’s Organics expanded from yellow mustard to a robust line that now includes ketchup, hot sauce, real mayo, flavored mustards, soy sauce, wing sauce, tartar sauce, and additional gourmet items including the company's take on classic Worcestershire sauce.

Michael Patrick Partners was hired to complete imaginative design strategies to build brand value. A key component to the brand development included hiring famed illustrator Steven Noble to help. And agency writers also applied quirky taglines, created for each product, that contribute to the distinctive brand personality.

Robert Maidens, the agency’s creative director, says, “Suzie’s Organics is destined to be a household name. We're extremely proud to help the company execute on its vision. Rarely do we get to work for organizations with this level of environmental commitment—our staff loves working with Suzie’s. We're looking forward to what lies ahead.”

Keith Pacoma, associate creative director, adds, “It’s cliché, but the look our team and Steven developed is unique to this food category. The label designs are killer—and include a brand architecture that’s easy to evolve. I love them!”

Suzie's Organics are found in major grocers and gourmet markets throughout the West. They can also be purchased at Suzie's Organics online—look for

About Michael Patrick Partners
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About Barhyte Specialty Foods
Headquartered in Pendleton, Oregon, Barhyte Specialty Foods proudly manufactures Suzie’s Organics. The parent company is family-owned, doing what it does best: creating the most delicious mustards, marinades, wing sauces, and additional gourmet condiments. And never settles for anything less than the best ingredients. With a large and loyal following throughout the U.S. and Canada, you can learn more about Barhyte and Suzie’s Organics at

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