Press Release | Apr 01, 2019

Michael Patrick Partners Launches Campaign for New Mobile App

Commuters Can Now Reserve Seats on Public Transportation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Michael Patrick Partners, a nationally recognized creative agency, announced today that it has completed work on an integrated marketing campaign for Dibs—a highly publicized venture-backed start-up addressing the onslaught of challenges commuters face in overcrowded public transit systems.

The Dibs solution, launched as a free mobile app, is akin to on-demand ridesharing services. As the product name suggests, it’s a third-party seat saving system for commuters on a bus, light rail, and train. 

As with ridesharing apps, Dibs connects users with a network of Seat Savers. For a fee, Savers will occupy a seat on public transportation until the designated user arrives and claims the Dibbed seat. A GPS identifies a users’ boarding location and the app algorithm resolves variables for the estimated seat exchange time during peak commuter periods. 

Michael Patrick Partners brought the brand to life with a brand communications strategy, engaging visual identity system, app design, website, Saver apparel, and advertising campaign. 

The beta test will be initiated in April of 2019 within the Caltrain system—a line that connects densely populated areas of the San Francisco Peninsula and the Santa Clara Valley.

Keith Pacoma, the agency’s senior designer, says, “One challenge was how to ensure Dibs users identify seat Savers on transit venues packed shoulder-to-shoulder. The client wanted a bright green color palette for Saver apparel. Unfortunately, if a user is colorblind they’re screwed.”

Laura Gross, account manager, adds, “Similar to ridesharing apps, to facilitate a quick seat exchange, the Dibs environment will feature a Saver photo. But we took it one sept further. The Saver’s personal interests will be included to encourage chitchat between both parties as the seat exchange is consummated. And the tagline we developed is genius, “Dibs. We save your ass.” 

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