This Is A Personal Brand for An Investment Thought Leader

Dr. Richard Smith

Myriad thought leaders from finance, healthcare, and technology have much to offer the masses. In this case, we were asked to develop a personal brand for Dr. Richard Smith, who has a remarkable track record presenting a new way to think about investing—and life.


Fear of risk and uncertainty explains why most people don’t succeed when investing. Dr. Richard Smith has made it his life’s work to learn how to master risk, and tens of thousands of investors have benefited from his approach. Our job was to build a credible, evocative brand of celebrity status.


We began with a messaging system to weave the Smith story and ensure there was a logical order to recurring talking points. Work included a brand identity (logo), multilayered sales and marketing literature, social media environments, white papers, and a website. Look for Dr. Smith on your favorite investment talk show and check out his podcast.