This Is A Diversified Financial Services Firm

JMP Group

Based in San Francisco and with offices across the country, JMP Group is a diversified financial services firm with multiple lines of business and three principal operating subsidiaries. These three main components of JMP Group serve distinct markets that offer diverse opportunities. Together, they are the engines that drive our corporate mission: to provide shareholder value through profitable growth.


The company came to us because its brand architecture was a little confusing—and a lot outdated. The confusion arose because of the firm’s complex structure: a holding company called JMP Group containing three very distinct entities: JMP Securities (an investment bank), JMP Credit Advisors (an asset manager), and Harvest Capital Strategies (an investment advisory service for private equity and venture capital firms).


A clearly defined brand that’s well-positioned to communicate effectively with investors of the firm, as well as with current customers and prospects for each of its subsidiary businesses. We began by creating a messaging strategy that made the structure and organization of the firm more transparent to each of its different audiences. Then we designed a fresh, new brand that clearly positioned the company as a focused, entrepreneurial and experienced investment firm. In addition to a host of supporting materials, we applied the company’s new look to this website, which distinctly separates each subsidiary.