This Is A Story Worth Telling.

Santa Clara University

Young people graduate from college expecting to change the world. One university has devoted 150 years to empowering its students to do just that. To effect change. To build a more humane, just, and sustainable world. From the most innovative place on earth: Silicon Valley. That school is Santa Clara University.


Attract key prospective students to apply for undergraduate admission with a recruitment campaign that builds brand awareness and brand value.


We developed a compelling story the university deserved to tell prospective students and their parents about undergraduate life inside and outside the classroom. A story that supported qualitative and quantitative data provided by higher-education research. 

Armed with that strategic information, we crafted a messaging system to guide campaign communications that included a system of engaging touchpoints. Results included an early applicant pool that set records in terms of both quantity and quality. And the campaign was recognized with multiple ADDYs, CASE Grand Gold and Gold Awards, a UCDA award, and a “job well done” from Admissions.


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