This Is Silicon Valley’s Oldest Incubator of Ideas And Ideals.

Santa Clara University

Amid a culture of change that spans nearly two centuries, Silicon Valley has been home to Santa Clara University—an incubator of ideas and ideals that embody the region's spirit. This is a university forging solutions to help solve the world's most pressing challenges.


Encourage donors to participate in a historic $1B fundraising campaign. Position the university as the preeminent Jesuit, Catholic institution of the West, committed to forming ethically-minded leaders.


The story we crafted has no equal. And the design isn't just award-winning, it's timeless. Each touchpoint supported the campaign theme of Innovating with a Mission.

A 44-page case statement chronicles students, alumni, faculty, and donors who live and breathe the essence of the university. An essence of goodwill. Of grit.

Additional campaign literature dedicated to specific, compelling campaign priorities and initiatives supplemented the case statement. And a microsite extended key campaign marketing messages, photography, illustration, and stories to the digital world. All communication worked in harmony.

The multi-year assignment began with our agency's development of the university's first-ever institutional platform to memorialize brand drivers and a comprehensive messaging system. These were essential brand management tools to ensure the campaign—and all university marketing communications—stayed a course deserving of the West's preeminent Jesuit, Catholic university.