This University Sparks Wonder

Linfield University Fundraising

Linfield is a small liberal arts university located in rural Oregon. In today’s challenging higher-education landscape, it sustains an outstanding reputation—and brilliant potential. Our agency was hired to direct the most aggressive fundraising campaign in the university’s history.


The campaign called on stakeholders to ensure the university remains strong so it can continue to invest in people, places, and programs. During the process, the school also evolved its market position—changing from being positioned as a college to a university.


For almost two years, we carefully planned and executed all campaign activities from end to end. Work began by developing a brand communications strategy to identify audience influences and determine key messages. Next, the campaign theme, “Spark Wonder,” was conceived to drive all creative. From there, we wrote and designed a stunning 32-page case statement to serve as the campaign cornerstone. Additional digital and printed donor touchpoints included an anthem video, a giving website, a priority brochure, information sheets, a donor presentation, social media, and a campaign asset guide.