This Beer Glistened, and Wall Street Listened

Pete’s Brewing Company

We know our way around a pint. Pete’s was founded by Pete Slosberg and Mark Bronder—pioneers of the original craft beer movement. Pete and Mark’s flagship product was Pete’s Wicked Ale—an American brown ale that experienced extraordinary popularity in Northern California.


The company went public and needed a financial story that explained how Pete’s stood in contrast to the large US breweries, which commonly use adjuncts such as corn and rice to replace malt as an inexpensive fermentable sugar.


We explained how the company was different and had taken craft brewing to the next level. We loved Pete’s and designed annual reports as distinctive as Pete’s brews. Sadly for us, just two years after our relationship started, the company was acquired by The Gambrinus Company that owns the Spoetzl Brewery in Texas and the BridgePort Brewery in Oregon.