This Brand Is Simply Made. And Simply Good

Suzie’s Condiments And Sauces

Introducing an extended family of delicious, gluten-free pantry essentials that deserve a place on everyone’s table. 


Years ago, our agency was asked to develop the identity and package design for a classic yellow mustard that every dog would love. As popularity of that single product grew, the Suzie’s brand took on a life of its own, and a decision was made to reintroduce it within an extended line of USDA-certified organic, handcrafted products. This aggressive move would mean competing with national market-leading giants such as French’s, Heinz, and Tabasco. 


We jumped in again and refined the package design to accommodate a robust family of 14 condiments and sauces—everyday essentials from ketchup to Suzie’s take on Worcestershire sauce. The challenge was to maintain design integrity while working within the constraints of myriad container shapes and sizes. Each label was conceived by our team and then executed with the help of famed scratchboard artist Steven Noble. The result was a seamless brand experience and award-winning design. Give Suzie’s a try as a healthy alternative to the big boys. And did you know the tartar sauce is Moby Dick–approved?