This Is Big-Picture Brand Development


The largest medical device company in the world is Medtronic. Its acquisition of hypertension treatment developer Ardian resulted in an innovative product to be included within Medtronic’s expanded pipeline.


Our task was to quickly rebrand Ardian’s flagship product device—the Symplicity system—a catheter system that uses radio-frequency energy to “deactivate” sympathetic nerves in the kidneys, lowering blood pressure.

This was a big deal. If successful, the therapy could one day play a role in treating heart failure, insulin resistance, and chronic kidney disease—diseases also characterized by a hyperactive sympathetic drive.


Our participation would ensure sales and marketing materials conformed to the Medtronic brand architecture model in support of a major product introduction. We developed the marketing communications infrastructure that included a brand platform, a messaging system, a brand identity program, sales material, and product packaging.