This Is for the Good of the Community

Easterseals Oregon

Easterseals provides services and resources to children and adults with disabilities as well as to veterans, job seekers, and their families—ensuring equal opportunities to live, learn, work, and play. We were hired to help bring the brand's vision to life in its mission to create and deliver disability services, workforce development, and housing programs that result in included and empowered members of the community.


Refresh the Easterseals Oregon brand identity (logo). Develop brand management tools to steward the written word across all marketing touchpoints. And finally, present the Easterseals story to existing and prospective donors in printed literature.


Cohesion—every marketer’s dream. And renewed energy, projected through a refreshed branded environment. Our work helped Easterseals Oregon begin the process of building long-term brand value. And with the right brand story in place, donor gifts soared.