This Land Is Your Land

Bohannon Companies

Since 1928, The Bohannon Companies has developed, maintained, and managed retail, office, and research and development properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. A family-owned firm, it’s committed to delivering responsible real estate projects that meet the needs of tenants and the surrounding community. And it’s known for managing its portfolio personally.


Develop a seamless communications environment. Refresh the brand identity (logo). Literature. And anything else that could help people understand why The Bohannon Companies is a market leader.


Beginning with an institutional messaging system, we helped The Bohannon Companies articulate its purpose of existence. Why people should care. Why people should only care about The Bohannon Companies. From there, the rest was easy. We designed a communications environment guided by the brand's purpose. A brand identity and guidelines, a website, literature and signage systems, and out-of-home advertising.