This Approach Builds Brand Value

Webcor Buildiers

How do you help a huge San Francisco–based company with annual revenue in the billions move its brand to the next level? Webcor possessed a resume of constructing architectural icons such as the California Academy of Sciences, Lucasfilm, and Oracle. Everyone involved with Bay Area real estate knows Webcor.


Through the years, we have been asked to design new brand identities from the ground up and refresh existing visual identity systems that had become irrelevant—we got a call to do the same for Webcor. The company asked for a distinctive identity (image) that would respect the past but look to the future—it was looking for evolution, not revolution.


The task was to modify the brand—not start over. We retained key visual equity but updated certain elements to ensure the logo would be reflective of today’s sophisticated marketing environments. Our solution included distilling elements of the historic design down to a bold, recognizable logo that reproduces beautifully in the digital world.