This Is Why Banking &
Finance Clients Love Us

This Is Why We’re Hired

Along with our expertise in brand identity and integrated design systems, we also provide a focus on brand management, digital, and packaging to differentiate a market presence at any stage of an organization’s life cycle. It’s a combination of precise brand communications strategies and engaging design solutions that have led to highly successful outcomes.

Most of our clients share three desires:

  1. They’re searching for a more relevant value proposition.
  2. They want to evolve the look and voice of a brand.
  3. They want to engage prospects in a new way.

Historical Banking & Finance Client List

  • Cathay Bank
  • Correlation Ventures
  • Cisco Investments
  • Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO)
  • Fortex
  • Hambrecht & Quist
  • Institutional Venture Partners
  • JMP Group
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Mayfield
  • Redpoint Ventures
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Stanford Federal Credit Union
  • Technology Credit Union (Tech CU)
  • Top Tier Capital Partners
  • Umpqua Holdings
  • Union Bank
  • Visa
  • Wells Fargo

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