This Is A Bond That Lasts A Lifetime

University of Redlands

The University of Redlands is a dynamic learning environment. And while no two student experiences are identical, all share a common thread preserved by generations before them and enhanced by generations that follow. Introducing the Forever Yours advancement campaign.


Launch a multilevel communications program to inspire stakeholders to help ensure an education is affordable for qualified students, regardless of their financial situation.


We designed an engaging campaign that leveraged target audience care-abouts and generated awareness, excitement, and participation. The outcome hinged on the writing of a compelling 42-page case statement. From there, a family of major initiative brochures and information sheets explained priority details. Additional collateral included a donor presentation, a newsletter, a giving website, campaign videos, and social media, weaving the story of a dynamic university that would forever remain in the hearts of all who passed through its doors. Our work has won multiple prestigious awards in education marketing and mainstream competitions.